NEMR Voice

Basic Telephone Service

$18.00 /mo (plus taxes)

NEMR Free Calling Features

Caller ID

Allows the called party to view the number and name calling through customer premises equipment designed to receive and thus display the calling party's name and number. Special customer equipment is required for this feautre.

Three-Way Calling

It's a conference call, you're in control-and it's easy!

Selective Call Waiting

You'll know when someone special is calling.

Calling Name and/or Number Delivery Per Call Blocking

Allows the subscriber, when placing outgoing calls to label his or her telephone number as private, thus restricting it's availability to the called party.

Selective Distinctive Ringing

You'll know when someone special is calling.

Automatic Callback

Get through to busy numbers as soon as they're free.

Call Waiting

Call waiting so you don't miss another call.

Selective Call Acceptance

Decide which calls you'll take.

Distinctive Ringing

Know who the call is for-as soon as it rings!

Call Forwarding

Going Out? Why not "take your phone with you?"

Selective Call Forwarding

Decide which callers should follow you to another number.

Automatic Recall

Easily dial your last caller - even if you didn't answer.

Speed Callling

Here's a simple and handy way to reach those you talk to regularly.

Selective Call Rejection

Don't let unwanted calls disturb you.

Warm Line

Be prepare for emergency situations.

Additional Calling Features

Customer Origniated Trace ($1.50)

Allows the customer to initiate a trace on the last incoming call by dialing an activation code.  The call will be traced automatically and the telephone number that originated the call and the time the call was made will be recorded either in the Company office or in the offices of a law enforcement agency.  (Customers using customer originating trace will also be billed a usage sensitive charge for the results of each trace.  Charges Per Event $7.50)

Voicemail ($2.95)

Contact us the first time for proper log in information.

Relay Missouri

Relay Missouri is a service that provides full telephone accessibility to people who are deaf, hard of hearing, deaf-blind and speech-disabled.

You can use Relay Missouri to make telephone calls to family, friends, businesses or anyone who has a phone by dialing 711.


Always available

  • Relay Missouri is available  24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year.

Accurate and Transparent

  • The operator voices everything you type and types everything you say.

Private and Confidential

  • All Relay Missouri calls are strictly private.
  • No records of any conversations are maintained.

Free Services

  • These services are available at no charge.
  • Equipment itself is available upon request to eligible parties by calling 711.
  • This service is funded by the State.

Lifeline Service

Lifeline is a service offered as part of a government assistance program and is available only to eligible consumers that qualify through their participation in other government programs or through income.  It is a non-transferable service and limited to one benefit per household.

Missouri residents that qualify for the federal Lifeline program automatically qualify for the state program and receive an additional discount.  If you are a Missouri resident and do not qualify for the federal Lifeline program, you may qualify for the state Disabled Program.  More information on the programs offered by the State of Missouri is available HERE.

Go to to verify your eligibility in the Lifeline program or call our local business office for further information.

For further description of Lifeline's Terms and Condition's and to access the application, follow the link below.

Questions?  Call NEMR at 660.874.4111